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The Latin+ Feminist Sociology Collective is a space to share, validate, reflect, and coproduce knowledge about being a critically conscious Latin+ Feminist Scholar in the Global North.

We are guided by a Latin+ antiracist intersectional feminist liberatory praxis that acknowledges the heterogeneity of the legacies of the Latin American and Caribbean diaspora and the intersectional positionalities, experiences and identities of Latin+ communities in the Global North.

Accordingly, we hold conversation, coexistence, reflection, accompaniment, and solidarity as essential to our Collective's praxis. Moreover, we follow a set of basic agreements to build a safe space including mutual respect, inclusivity, constructiveness, openness, commitment, and multilingualism. Regarding the latter, we have so far utilized English, Spanish and Portuguese in our gatherings, documents and communications, but are open to include as many languages as necessary by providing as much interpretation and translations as possible to ensure mutual comprehension. Simultaneously, we acknowledge that our physical location and the geopolitical, educational and cultural legacies of migrations in the United States and the Global North have resulted in the use of English as lingua franca, which is the reason why this site is mostly written in that language while including Spanish and Portuguese versions of some but not all content.  

Borrowing from the terminology developed by non-binary social movements (from LGB to LGBTQIA+), we adopt the term "Latin+" using the plus sign as a means to highlight the socially constructed character of ethnoracial and gender and sexual categories and identities (and therefore their changing nature) as well as our willingness to build solidarity and alliances across geopolitical and sociocultural borders and boundaries. By utilizing the term Latin+ we attempt to overcome the paralysis that confrontations about the variations Latin@, Latine, and Latinx have brought. We believe that the term Latin+ can help us be more inclusive and inviting, while also implying a literally positive turn given that plus means addition, development, incorporation: we are more, we want more, we reach more, we grow more.


The Latin+ Feminist Sociology Collective was created in 2020 by Erika Busse-Cardenas, Nancy López, Verónica Montes, and Roberta Villalón in the context of the Sociologists for Women in Society 2020 Winter Meeting, and in January 2023, Beatriz Padilla joined the organizing group.


The Collective is an autonomous entity and there are no membership costs. We offer workshops, virtual meetings, co-mentoring, blogs, podcasts, and many more opportunities. Dozens of Latin+ feminists joined us enthusiastically, emphasizing the pressing need of building this community. The list of participating scholars will be updated monthly.

Join us! 

Erika Busse-Cardenas.jpeg

Erika Busse-Cárdenas

Associate Professor, Macalester College 

Veronica Montes_edited.jpg

Verónica Montes

Associate Professor, Bryn Mawr College

Roberta Villalon.jpg

Roberta Villalón

Professor, St. John's University


Nancy López

Professor, University of New Mexico

Beatriz Padilla.png

Beatriz Padilla

Associate Professor, University of South Florida

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